Rexdale Women's Centre offers in-person, virtual and hybrid services at our multiple locations, over the telephone, via email, Zoom, Skype and Google Classroom.

Community Kitchen

staff handing out a hot lunch

Hot Lunch Program

Rexdale Women's Centre, in partnership with the North York Harvest Food Bank offers hot meals Third Wednesday of the month. Come out and enjoy a delicious FREE meal. Socialize with other Rexdale community members and learn more about programs and services offered at the Rexdale Women's Centre.

The Community Kitchen Program is run by volunteers who have received food handling and nutrition training to prepare delicious, healthy and nutritious meals.

Together community members create a platform for social networking and a place for people to congregate from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to get to know their community thus reducing the sense of isolation often experienced by new immigrants who have not yet had the chance to create lasting connections in Canada. The program also offers a unique opportunity to taste food from diverse cultures which works magic in reducing barriers and promoting an atmosphere of respect for multiculturalism.