Support for Women and Families

Short Term Supportive Counselling: Women sometimes need support and advice in difficult times in order to make informed decisions because they may lack the information needed or guidance in order to overcome their personal obstacles and crisis. Without critical pieces of information, women often lack the self-esteem to make the decisions that are right for them. The Rexdale Women’s Centre’s staff provides linguistically and culturally appropriate support to women when they encounter difficulties in moving ahead.

Employment and Career Counselling: Securing employment is sometimes an indicator of an individual’s ability to contribute to society. Immigrant women, women from racialized communities, and refugee women

face additional barriers to finding employment and re-establishing their careers when they settle in Canada.

The Rexdale Women’s Centre provides assistance to women to determine their career and employment needs and goals. Linkages are made with other employment related services in the community, as well as English language classes, training, apprenticeship and volunteer opportunities. With the right connections and support, women spend less time trying to find and navigate a myriad of services and eligibility criteria.

Employment Support Groups for Women: Connecting, practicing and learning are a few methods utilized by the participants to develop realistic employment goals. Many women, in particular, immigrant women and women from racialized communities with foreign credentials, obtaining gainful employment can be elusive. Women who are seeking to enter the labour market for the first time or seeking to re-enter after an extended leave, may need assistance in setting realistic and achievable plans. The Rexdale Women’s Centre provides Employment Support Groups for women in their own language and we help women to identify strengths and address challenges they face when seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce.

  Employment Groups:
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