Fitness for Life (FFL)

Fitness for Life (FFL) aim is to increase opportunities for sports, recreations participation and the development of fundamental movement skills leading to physical literacy for immigrant and newcomer women, older adults and seniors.

We offer free of charge exercise classes and recreational activities. The exercise classes run four days a week, while the recreational activities operate once a week. All exercise sessions are supervised and guided by our fitness team that focus on teaching the client safety and proper techniques. Our professional staffs consist of a registered Kinesiologist and two certified Fitness and Recreational Specialists.

We also provide health and wellness workshops at least once a month with emphasis on chronic disease management and disease prevention. Components of FFL exercise programme include:

Components of FFL exercise programme include:

  • Warm up sessions and gradual elevation of heart rate
  • Cardiovascular exercises – low impact aerobic, light jogging etc
  • Gentle exercise training with body weight, resistance band and dumbbells
  • Stretching for range of motion improvements
  • Balance training
  • Age Appropriate games, cultural dance, movement activities ( e.g. Yoga/Tai Chi, Zumba)
  Fitness For Life:
location Location:
21 Panorama crt.
Suite 23
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9V 4E3
time Time:
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm
contact Contact:
Sherldine Tomlinson
Program Co-ordinator
416-745-6200 ext.250