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Toronto Challenge event (5k Run. 5k Walk. 1k Walk)

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Rexdale Women’s Centre proudly announces that we have received the following two awards at the Toronto Challenge event (5k Run. 5k Walk. 1k Walk) held on June 11, 2017:

  • The Most Improved Agency Award
  • The Oldest Participants- 5k Walk

The Toronto Challenge presented by is a fun family event that raises money for non-profit organizations that improve the quality of life for seniors in your community. The Toronto challenge offers three events in downtown Toronto. There is a timed 5k run for a more intense challenge, or on the lighter side we have the Medical Pharmacies 5k walk or a 1k fun walk, suitable for all ages.

Ontario Investing in Settlement Services

Ontario Investing in Settlement Services

On Friday, April 12, 2013, Rexdale Women’s Centre welcomed the Honourable Michael Coteau, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, to make a funding announcement for increased support for Settlement Services in Ontario.

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Rexdale Women's Centre Receives Funding to Prevent Domestic Violence and Abuse

The Rexdale Women's Centre was recently chosen as one of six Toronto organizations to receive provincial funding for a public education campaign aimed at raising awareness about domestic abuse among new Canadians. Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Laurel Broten, the Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, announced on April 29, 2011 that $50,000 was earmarked for the Rexdale Women’s Centre as its share of the Government of Ontario's $668,000 investment to expand the Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign.

For the previous year, the Rexdale Women’s Centre’s staff assisted more than 500 women who were experiencing domestic violence. The Centre assisted women to become better informed about spousal abuse, helped them

Laurel Broten, Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, Eta Woldeab, Associate
			Director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and Fatima Filippi, Executive Director of Rexdale Women's Centre

to develop safety plans, and most importantly, assisted women to leave their abusive relationships, said Fatima Filippi, RWC's executive director.

"Overcoming the emotional, physical and psychological scars of domestic violence are challenging, especially when faced with limited support or understanding from our own communities," Filippi said at the announcement, noting that Rexdale Women’s Centre's innovative approach to dealing with the issue of domestic abuse has, for the last 18 years, involved the delivery of services to women as well as men.

"We took these steps because of the courageous support we received," she added. "These brave women told us that our helping them to overcome domestic violence needed to involve their spouses, their partners, their friends and their families."

With additional funding under the Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign, the Rexdale Women’s Centre will be able to continue that good work well into the future, Filippi added.
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Victims of crime share personal stories of survival

A symposium was held by Rexdale Women's Centre for National Victims of Crime Awareness at Thistletown Multiservice Centre on Thursday. Here victim Robert Koil, chats to Sonya Aslam and Anuja Putham of Rexdale Women's Centre. Staff photo/IAN KELSO inspiring stories of survival in the face of violent crime highlighted an event marking the 7th Annual National Victims of Crime Awareness Week hosted by the Rexdale Women's Centre (RWC) Thursday. Over the course of the day-long event - which was organized to raise awareness about victim's issues and the local programs and services in place to help them - five "brave" survivors stepped up to the microphone to share their stories of victimization and redemption. In broken English, Nigerian refugee Silvia John Osagie spoke of the loss of her two young daughters to the forced practice of female circumcision in her native country. Read full story Link to story is below
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