Mission Statement

We support immigrant, refugee and newcomer women and their families to become fully participating members in Canadian society. As a leader in our sector, we enhance our clients’ self-sufficiency and competence by providing essential services and facilitating access to community resources.

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The Rexdale Women’s Centre is an independent, non-for-profit, voluntary agency that serves high-need women and their family members residing in the Greater Toronto Area.

Vision Statement

At the Rexdale Women’s Centre, our vision is that in the Greater Toronto Area all immigrant, newcomer and refugee women and their partners, children, parents, and other family members of all generations have everything they need including: access to education, housing, services, programs, and meaningful/gainful employment; ability to effectively settle and integrate into the local community and fully participate in Canadian society; to become self-sufficient and financially secure; to have respectful, caring

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and harmonious relationships with their partners, family members, neighbours and community members; and to live happy, safe, healthy, and socially active lives in which they are honoured and respected for who they are regardless of their background or gender.

Guiding Principles

At the Rexdale Women’s Centre, we operate in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • We believe that we improve women’s lives by serving women and their partners, children, parents, and other family members;
  • Our approach to service delivery is holistic and responsive to client and community needs;
  • We believe that every new person living in Canada can contribute to our society by being provided with the services, programs, and tools to integrate easily and to participate fully in our society;
  • We value the diversity within our agency and within our community;
  • We believe that every woman has the capacity to be self-sufficient and financially secure and to live a life that is healthy, happy and socially active;
  • We operate with honesty and integrity, and treat everyone with honour and respect;
  • We encourage the development of caring and harmonious relationships within our agency and within our community;
  • As an organization, we focus on what will best serve our clients' needs;
  • We believe that well-being within individuals, families, and communities is the foundation for well-being within our society;
  • We promote the principles of access and equity in all that we do.

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