Mission Statement

We support immigrant, refugee and newcomer women and their families to become fully participating members in Canadian society. As a leader in our sector, we enhance our clients’ self-sufficiency and competence by providing essential services and facilitating access to community resources.

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Meet Our Staff

The staff at the Rexdale Women's Centre is a dedicated team of talented individuals who create a supportive and nurturing environment for our client community in order to achieve services delivery results.

The success of the organization is attributed to the hard working employees who effectively work in unison with one another, and the community at large.

Anyone who enters and of our Centre locations will encounter a friendly atmosphere where employees are willing and ready to provide assistance.

As a diverse team of individuals, our staff provides professional services which are culturally and linguistically relevant so that our clients experience a smoother transition into the community and Canadian society.

Rexdale Women's Centre staff

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